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...to Shastacoons!  We are a small, home-based cattery located in Northern California. Our goal is to breed healthy, beautiful Maine Coons of excellent temperament and type. Our breeding cats are screened for HCM at the appropriate age. Cardiac ultrasound is currently the recommended method to identify early warning signs of HCM, the most common heart disease in both domestic and pedigreed cats. Even with careful screening, no breeder can guarantee that their cats are free from this condition, but we do our best to minimize the risk. We have also done DNA testing on all our breeding cats for the MYBPC3 gene mutation associated with HCM.


We live out in the country, where the kitties can enjoy squirrel and bird watching from the windows. "We" are Dan Harvey, Lisa Beazizo-Harvey, and our son, Pete. I have always had cats and love them dearly. When I met Danny, he wasn't too sure about cats. He had just never known one personally! He is now an avid Maine Coon "proud dad" and carries pictures in his wallet. When Pete was very small, he really thought our household pets were his brothers and sisters!

I became intrigued with Maine Coons years ago when I was a veterinary assistant in Bandon, Oregon, where I met my first Maine, a male named Solstice - he was the neatest cat! I went to my first show in the early 90's in Springfield, Oregon and met Sharon Polstin of Bnyfls Maine Coons.  Eventually, we bought our first Maine Coon "Chinook" from her. Sharon agreed to mentor us as breeders. We thank Sharon and Wayne for all the wonderful advice they gave!

ShastaCoons is registered in TICA & CFA and is an MCBFA Breeder Member.

History and Characteristics:
The Maine Coon is one of the oldest natural breeds in North America. They are the official Maine State Cat. There are many legends about the breed. One such belief is that there were matings between the semi-wild domestic cat and raccoons (this is biologically impossible). Another belief is that Marie Antoinette sent her six pet cats to Maine when she was planning to escape during the French Revolution and they mated with the local cats in Maine.

Maine Coons are fascinated with water, often use their paws like a hand, (they will pick up food with their paws to eat it), and keep you busy playing "fetch". They do not hang on you, but would rather be near you. If you shut the door to the bathroom, you will find them patiently lying in front of the door waiting for you to emerge. They rarely "meow," instead make a chirping-trill sound.

Maine Coons are a large breed. Males commonly weigh 13-18 lbs. and females about 9-12 lbs. They are a muscular cat with tufted ears and feet, a shaggy coat that generally requires weekly combing, a square muzzle, rectangular body, and a huge, long, bushy tail. They come in all colors, except the "pointed" types. Coat patterns include classic tabby, mackerel tabby, patched tabby, and solids, with or without white.

To view pictures of our pedigreed Maine Coon ancestors, please visit the
Maine Coon Ancestors and Breeders web site.

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